Privacy policy

This page contains information on how data gathered about Yocosta Global Oy customers is handled.

1 Controller of register

Name and VAT number: Yocosta Global Oy, FI28032821
Address: Seinäjoentie 71, 61100 PERÄSEINÄJOKI
Email address: hannuiniemela(at)

2 Person in charge of register issues

Name: Hannu Niemelä
Osoite: Seinäjoentie 71, 61100 PERÄSEINÄJOKI
Email address: hannuiniemela(at)

3 Name of register

Yocosta Global Oy register of customers

4 Purpose of processing personal data

The personal data can be used for:

    • implementation of the service,
    • customer interaction,
    • marketing,
    • marketing and opinion surveys, and
    • other similar purposes.

5 Information kept in the register

Following information can be stored about customers:

    • name and sex,
    • contact information,
    • user account information,
    • billing and payment information,
    • information about the products and services ordered by the customer,
    • messages written by the customer,
    • selections and settings,
    • authorizations and consents,
    • other information gathered with the consent of the customer.

6 Sources of data

Information to the register is obtained from the customer. Customers can fill in the information in their profile in the web site or by providing the information in some other way to Yocosta Global Oy. Information can also be retrieved from public and private contact databases and registers.

7 Transferring or disclosing data

Data is not transferred or disclosed to third parties.

8 Transferring data outside EU or ETA

Data is not transferred outside EU or ETA.

9 Register protection

Manual data: Data is mainly kept in electronic data systems. Manual is data is handled in an appropriate manner.
Data in electronic systems: Data in electronic systems is protected with technical measures so that unauthorized access is prevented.